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Updates for August 25th

Yet another long gap between posts, but there have been lots of updates to GPSLog Labs in the interim. Here's a brief summary:

  • Keyboard shortcuts

    • f View fullscreen maps/graphs
    • q Open quickfind
    • escape Close full screen map/graphs and quickfind popup

    The keyboard shortcuts make all these features much more useful as they're only a keypress away.

    A neat feature is if there is more than one possible graph/map to view in fullscreen, an overlay is added and you can press a number to select the one you're after.

  • Tag, place and route lifetimes

    A new visualisation attempts to indicate which tags, places and routes are still in use and those that are "retired".

    This information is also used to hide suggestions for tags and places you are probably no longer using and gray out the retired tags from the add tag popup and quick find popup.

  • Distance and speed vs heading graphs

    These graphs have been made prettier and easier to read with the graph now rendered as a circle with ticks for the compass points.

  • I've added axis labels to all the graphs, which will make all the grade 6 maths teachers out there happy, as well as making the graphs much easier to understand.

  • The goal, route and split detail trend graphs tabs have speed and heart rate histograms on them too now, which helps spot the trends better at a glance.

  • The embedded graphs you can share on your own sites now support speed and heart rate zones backgrounds as options, and also let you specify the text for the axis labels.

  • Laps graph

    There's a new Laps tab on route split detail page that compares performance across sessions on activities with multiple laps, e.g. hill intervals or laps around an oval.

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Updates for October 13th

  • Activity maps now have milestone markers:

    These are displayed every 1 km or 1 mile depending on your units setting and will automatically be hidden as you zoom out.

    Note that the milestone markers are displayed by default on shared maps you have embedded into your own site, if you don't want them displayed regenerate the embed code or edit the <iframe> src attribute and add &show_milestones=false to the end of the URL.

  • Split times are computed for the first 5km, 10km, etc. of your activity so you can compare performances regardless of the tags, routes or final distance. These are displayed on the activity "comparisons" tab and on the new splits tab for tags. This will let you find for example, the log with the fastest 10km time you have run by going to the Run tag, and sorting the splits by 10km.

    These distances are probably only useful for runners, if you have any suggestions on how this should behave for other sports please let me know.

  • Activity split tables now show the cumulative distance/elapsed time:
  • Graphs throughout the site now have a filter that lets you display only one year at a time once you have been logging your activity for more than a year:
  • I've also done a general tidy up of forms on the site, giving them a layout and improving the way they display for smaller browser windows.
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Embedding maps and graphs in your site

In addition to sharing GPSLog Labs content via Twitter, Facebook, email and IM, another option is to embed maps and graphs of your activity in your own website.

To do this, you'll need to enable sharing for the content and then you'll be provided with a snippet of HTML you can cut and paste into your own website.

For example, to embed a map, you'll see the following on the Share Log page:

You can customize the size of your map and the whether you want stop icons to be drawn or not. You'll see a preview on the right and when you're happy with it you can cut the generated HTML code and paste it into your website. To embed a graph of your activity, follow the same steps.

Tip: It is possible to customize the size of the embedded map if the standard sizes are not appropriate by editing the HTML and adding &amp;width=1234&amp;height=1234 to the iframe src url, and also updating it's width and height attributes to match.

Note that if you Disable sharing for your activity, it will no longer be visible on your site, even if you re-enable sharing again as the secret URL will be different.

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