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New Google maps

GPSLog Labs has finally be updated to use the latest Google Maps (v3 for those keeping score.)

Please keep an eye out for anything that may have been broken in the change over and let me know if you see anything.

I hope you enjoy some of the shiny new features, including:

  • Maps are now much faster!
  • You can use streetview to checkout your activities from ground-level.
  • In some areas, the satellite photography has funky 45 degree images.
  • The info popups have some nicer formatting
  • Maps for routes have a couple of modes to show a heatmap of stops along the route:
    And also the location of the milestones:
  • New icons are available in the tag and place icon libraries (courtesy of Mapbox)
  • The map of all the users' places has been changed from using markers to a heatmap (and has some animation.)
  • Paths on selection maps can be coloured according to route or with unique colours.

Bundled in with these changes you'll find a bunch of other improvements and new features that I'll cover in the next post.

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Updates for October 13th

  • Activity maps now have milestone markers:

    These are displayed every 1 km or 1 mile depending on your units setting and will automatically be hidden as you zoom out.

    Note that the milestone markers are displayed by default on shared maps you have embedded into your own site, if you don't want them displayed regenerate the embed code or edit the <iframe> src attribute and add &show_milestones=false to the end of the URL.

  • Split times are computed for the first 5km, 10km, etc. of your activity so you can compare performances regardless of the tags, routes or final distance. These are displayed on the activity "comparisons" tab and on the new splits tab for tags. This will let you find for example, the log with the fastest 10km time you have run by going to the Run tag, and sorting the splits by 10km.

    These distances are probably only useful for runners, if you have any suggestions on how this should behave for other sports please let me know.

  • Activity split tables now show the cumulative distance/elapsed time:
  • Graphs throughout the site now have a filter that lets you display only one year at a time once you have been logging your activity for more than a year:
  • I've also done a general tidy up of forms on the site, giving them a layout and improving the way they display for smaller browser windows.
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