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Updates for May 25th

As noted earlier, now that GPSLog Labs has been migrated to the new server and updated to newer library versions, there has finally been some time to add new features:

  • Sharing Routes between multiple places.

    See the next post on Merging Routes for details.

  • View best efforts in crossfilter.

    Tag crossfilters have got a bit more powerful and can now include best effort times.

    For example, to answer questions such as "what's the fastest I've run 1km when doing long runs?", select the distance from the Best Efforts Splits filter:

    This will add Split Duration and Split Average Speed/Pace graphs to the dashboard and table:

    You can filter using the charts to select just "long" runs and "fast" best efforts:

  • Suggested edits.

    This one is a little experimental and I'll be refining it I'm sure. The idea is that GPSLog Labs will remember the edits you make to your uploaded activity (fixing unmatched places, assigning routes and tags) and speed up the editing process the next time by providing suggestions where it can.

    When GPSLog Labs can provide a suggested edit, a button will be displayed next to the activity:

    Selecting an option from the suggested edits will apply updates to the tags, route and start/stop places as necessary.

  • Activity feed projections iCal feed.

    The Activity Feed on the home page displays dates you're projected to hit various milestones (distances, counts and goals) but it's pretty easy to overlook something interesting that's coming up.

    Now there's an iCal feed url you can add into your calendar to see these projections on your phone or somewhere else convenient so you can get a little kick of motivation when you're about to pass the milestone.

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Updates for June 26th

This is a quick summary of the recent updates to GPSLog Labs:

  • The new "Activity feed" has had some extra elements added to help you be aware of recent and upcoming significant achievements:

    • Best Efforts — This will show your fastest times at benchmark distances (e.g. 10km)

    • Goals — Progress towards a goal will be indicated as you pass 50% and 100% of your target distance, and also as you get half way through the goal period and when you complete the goal.

    • Activity counts — e.g. the 10th or 100th log for a given tag, route or distance.

  • New layout for log file editing page:

    Hopefully this is a more logical layout that includes a few more details and removes a few things that no longer made sense. Some of the popups on this page have some small improvements too.

  • There's now a Russian translation of the help pages. Many thanks to Michael.
  • Added "Place Count" and "Tag Count" as options for displaying calendar summary tables.

  • Added nautical miles as an option for the distance/speed format settings.
  • Added a csv download for data from the session detail tables (e.g. from the Sessions tab on the Place or Tag detail pages.)
  • Fixed a bug with Facebook sharing.
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Updates for April 25th

Here are some "new" features in GPSLog Labs that I hadn't had a chance to post about yet:

  • The Tag Activity Feed is a list of completed and projected distance milestones for each tag, such as completing 1000 km (or miles):

    The projections are computed with a Monte Carlo simulation based on your logged activity. The graph shows your cumulative distance and the range of likely outcomes, with the projected date taken at the median.

    A selection of these milestones may be displayed on the home page below the activity table to let you know of targets you have recently completed or will hit soon.

  • The log detail page now shows the longest best effort at the top of the page:

    This lets you see at a glance how well the activity compares to others with the same tag and on the same route, and you can click through to view the other distances on the Comparisons tab.

  • The Virtual Race allows you to see the result of a hypothetical race between all your efforts for a particular set of tags.

    You can find the Virtual Race tab on the tag detail page, and there you can select a distance and a target time or speed and the relative positions of each effort as the benchmark effort crosses the "finish line" will be shown.

  • The activity table details section has a cleaner layout:

  • Activity notes popups have been expanded to show more details, and you can now have more than one open at a time:

  • The Log File detail page has a new Itinerary tab, and the Itinerary tabs throughout the site have a nicer, cleaner layout:

  • Also, I've fixed some problems that occurred when uploading zip files with non-English file names.

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Updates for July 14th

Some big changes have been made to how your uploaded log files are processed. Hopefully this should handle big files a bit better than before, but other than that there shouldn't be any noticeable differences. No doubt some little bugs will have crept in however, so if you notice anything weird, please let me know.

There have been a few other minor changes too:

  • The best effort tables now have two rankings displayed. One is the rank at the time of the activity ("rank then"), and the other is the rank of the activity for all time ("rank now").

  • And the 1st through 9th places in rankings get a pretty highlight:

  • A table of best effort times/speeds has also been added to the shared activity page.
  • The activity detail page's summary table now has a nicer layout too:

  • Lastly, there was a bug dragging and dropping tasks on the goal calendar which is now fixed and working properly again.
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Updates for May 27th

  • GPSLog Labs now calculates "Best efforts" for your uploaded activity. This is a powerful new analysis that finds the fastest sections of an activity over standard distances and allows them to be compared easily. For example, it may find that the fastest 10km of a run was the last portion, and allow that to be compared against all other times you've run that distance or further. The times for each distance are shown on the Comparisons tab of the Activity detail page using box plots to compare them to other activity on the same route or with the same tags.

    Activity times are extrapolated if they are close to a standard distance (within about 10%).

    Best efforts replace the old "standard splits" which were locked to the start of the activity, which were similar but limited in usefulness.

  • Clicking on the best effort distance will show the Best Effort Detail tab:

    This shows the detailed statistics for the best effort and compares it to similar efforts on other activity for the route and tags.

    There's also a map showing the segment of the log where the best effort was recorded, the fastest sections with and without stops are coloured blue and green, the whole track being shown in grey.

    The best effort is highlighted on the speed graphs too, in the example below, the best efforts with and without stops coincide:

  • The computed best efforts can unfortunately often be incorrect due to bad GPS data, and while it's possible to clean up the activity using the Filters, it is also possible to solve this problem by giving the system an indication of a more reasonable maximum speed for the best effort.

    Click the"Recompute best effort" button on the detail page for the incorrect best effort:

    This will recompute the best effort for this activity, but will ignore any potential best efforts that are above the speed indicated as reasonable. By lowering the speed you should be able to find a best effort that ignores sections which are "corrupted" due to bad GPS data.
  • Best efforts are summarised for tags and routes, allowing you to find your fastest times over given distances:
  • Best efforts can be visualised for a route too, to give an indication of where the sections you go fastest are: The altitude profile of the route is superimposed over a chart indicating the locations of the recorded best efforts at each distance for activity on the route.
  • The Activity Filters editing page has been improved for filters that discard a lot of points so they are now displayed without slowing down the page unnecessarily.
  • Waypoints have been added to time/manual discard filter in addition to the position filter. This makes it possible to quickly and easily select a section of an activity where the GPS signal is bad and replace it with a more accurate representation of the track.
  • The little clock thumbnails now have an indication of a.m. and p.m. to help identify activity at a glance:
    Times are indicated as "a.m." with a thicker line going from the end time to noon.
    Times are indicated as "p.m." with the thicker line going from noon to the start time.
  • On the Organise Places page, there is a Network tab that shows a neat visualisation of your activity between the places you have created:
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