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Updates for July 14th

Some big changes have been made to how your uploaded log files are processed. Hopefully this should handle big files a bit better than before, but other than that there shouldn't be any noticeable differences. No doubt some little bugs will have crept in however, so if you notice anything weird, please let me know.

There have been a few other minor changes too:

  • The best effort tables now have two rankings displayed. One is the rank at the time of the activity ("rank then"), and the other is the rank of the activity for all time ("rank now").

  • And the 1st through 9th places in rankings get a pretty highlight:

  • A table of best effort times/speeds has also been added to the shared activity page.
  • The activity detail page's summary table now has a nicer layout too:

  • Lastly, there was a bug dragging and dropping tasks on the goal calendar which is now fixed and working properly again.
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Updates for December 1st

Recent changes in GPSLog Labs have focused on improving the log file editing process:

  • The Add a Place, Remove stops and Manually create segments commands on the Log File edit page have been changed from menu options to more prominent buttons:
  • Remove stops is a new command that allows you to quickly and easily remove unwanted stops from a Log File. Multiple stops can be removed in one step which is easier than removing each stop or cut in turn.
  • When specifying an unmatched place, previous activity is now used to provide a suggestion of likely places it could be from those in the neighbourhood of the start location:
  • The Reprocess confirmation page has also been redesigned and the page sequence after queuing a file for reprocessing has been improved.
  • The Speed/Pace vs Distance graphs on the activity detail page (Graphs vs Distance tab) now have a new "scaling" algorithm that isn't as extreme and should make pace graphs easier to read.
  • There's also a new link at the bottom of the route Altitude Profile tab to show all altitude profile thumbnails for all logs. This is useful for circuits so you can easily check they are all correctly marked as forward or reversed direction.
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Updates for November 19th

Updates on the updates to GPSLog Labs are lagging a bit, but here's some of what's been happening lately:

  • The log file chopping logic has been tweaked a little to hopefully avoid creating as many unwanted "unnamed places":
    - Auto created places must now be further away from known places before they'll be created.
    - Auto created places won't be used to chop logs between known places. If you do want the auto created place, after you name it, if you reprocess the log then it will be cut properly.
    - There were also a few bug fixes that should make detection of places more accurate.
  • There's better support for editing and filtering of large log files.
  • The little milestone markers now have a small arrow attached to indicate the approximate direction of travel at that point:
  • There's now a filter on the logs tab for a place that lets you narrow down the activity by tag:
  • The log file editing page has been tweaked to make finding some of the commands easier, the menu now includes the "Add a Place" and "Manually create segments" commands that were previously a little hard for some users to find:

    It's now possible to change the Route or Tags directly from the edit page for an activity after they have been set:

  • The "Select tags" popup now allows quick selection of sets of tags from those used previously on other activity on the same route:
  • Speed vs time graphs when you're editing and filtering log files now have a "scale" selection, that will allow you to see detail in log files which was previously hidden by large speed spikes caused by GPS errors: In this example, the actual activity is completely obscured by the 5,000 km/h errors... Selecting a maximum of 50 km/h on the scale means you can see the activity properly and edit it as required:
  • There's a new "Inverse position filter" available, that is the opposite of the Position filter. i.e. it will discard points outside the given circle.
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