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Updates for June 26th

This is a quick summary of the recent updates to GPSLog Labs:

  • The new "Activity feed" has had some extra elements added to help you be aware of recent and upcoming significant achievements:

    • Best Efforts — This will show your fastest times at benchmark distances (e.g. 10km)

    • Goals — Progress towards a goal will be indicated as you pass 50% and 100% of your target distance, and also as you get half way through the goal period and when you complete the goal.

    • Activity counts — e.g. the 10th or 100th log for a given tag, route or distance.

  • New layout for log file editing page:

    Hopefully this is a more logical layout that includes a few more details and removes a few things that no longer made sense. Some of the popups on this page have some small improvements too.

  • There's now a Russian translation of the help pages. Many thanks to Michael.
  • Added "Place Count" and "Tag Count" as options for displaying calendar summary tables.

  • Added nautical miles as an option for the distance/speed format settings.
  • Added a csv download for data from the session detail tables (e.g. from the Sessions tab on the Place or Tag detail pages.)
  • Fixed a bug with Facebook sharing.
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Fixed maps (was broken for some languages)

I've just fixed up a localisation bug that was breaking the maps in some languages. If you were having problems, please give it another go and I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

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Updates for March 28th

  • Florian is doing a great job translating the site into German, danke schön!
  • The Summary tab on a tag detail page will show a table breaking down the activity for that tag by other tags where appropriate:
  • The Distance vs Time graph on a tag detail page now shows a line through the mouse position that let's you see at a glance which logs are faster, slower or the same speed:
  • Table rows are now highlighted as you hover the mouse over them.
  • GPS Data Filter editing has been improved to make it more obvious that the items can be dragged to re-arrange the order that they are applied:
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Updates for February 5th

There have been lots of little updates to GPSLog Labs since my last post and a couple of big new features that I'll preview here but will explain in full detail in future posts.

  • Translations: GPSLog Labs is now available in different languages.

    By default only day and month names will be translated, but there is a more comprehensive Polish translation thanks to Lukasz. If you want to help out translating GPSLog Labs into your language, contact me at

  • Upload via email: On the detail page for your device you will be provided with an email address that you can email logs to (as attachments) and they will be processed. When they're ready you'll receive a reply with the links to your activity. This is particularly useful if you want to upload a track recorded on your iPhone using MotionX GPS app, for example.
  • Sharing: By default all your activity on GPSLog Labs is private and visible only to you, but Logs now have a Share button that lets you generate a publicly accessible detail page, such as this one.

    You can then share the URL on Twitter, Facebook, email, IM or wherever you like.

    You can also get a snippet of HTML to embed the map or graphs into your own website like this:

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