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Updates for March 28th

  • Florian is doing a great job translating the site into German, danke schön!
  • The Summary tab on a tag detail page will show a table breaking down the activity for that tag by other tags where appropriate:
  • The Distance vs Time graph on a tag detail page now shows a line through the mouse position that let's you see at a glance which logs are faster, slower or the same speed:
  • Table rows are now highlighted as you hover the mouse over them.
  • GPS Data Filter editing has been improved to make it more obvious that the items can be dragged to re-arrange the order that they are applied:
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Updates for March 8th

  • Selection of whether speeds are displayed as speed (km/h or mph) or as pace (minutes per km or mile) is now done on the tag page:

    There was a good reason for it being on the Settings page previously, but I've forgotten what it was...

  • There's a list of some of the most common GPS logging devices to choose from when you add a new device. Many more that aren't on the list work with GPSLog Labs, so you can still enter your own device name if you need to.
  • The algorithm used to determine the amount of ascending and descending distance/duration for your activity has been fine tuned. It is more accurate now, using a line of best fit through 7 samples and considers anything greater than a 2.5% grade to be a hill. The grade histograms have also been extended to show up to a 40% grade, have fun climbing that!
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Filtering GPS tracks automatically by tag

The new GPS track filters in GPSLog Labs are powerful, but if you had to configure them by hand for every log that you uploaded, they wouldn't be much use.

Thankfully, the real power of the filters is that they can be attached to tags, and then when that tag is assigned to a log the filters will be copied across automatically.

This means you can configure a set of filters for all your logs tagged with Run, and you can have a different set of filters for Bike Ride. For example, you may want to tweak the sample window size on the Median filter as the average speed will vary less when running than when bike riding so the filter can be a bit more aggressive.

The process for adding filters to a tag is the same as for a log, the difference is that you can't see what is being matched by the filter, so I suggest you get the filter working on a log then copy the details across to the tag so it is automatically applied to other logs.

Note that the filters are only automatically copied across to the log when the tag is assigned to the log and you have not modified the log filters. You can click the Reset button on the log filters page to restore it to the defaults for the tag.

As always, let me know if you have any difficulties or suggestions, and I hope you enjoy this new functionality.

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Tag and route inference

GPSLog Labs has always made some basic attempts to automatically assign a route for a log segment if it can:

  • If there is a single route between the start and end places of the log it will be assigned automatically.
  • If there are no routes between the start and end places, one will be automatically created and assigned.

And now I've just added an experimental feature that will try to guess the route after you assign a tag. This is useful in those cases where you have 2 (or more) routes between places, say one by car and one by bike. The above automatic assignment won't work in these cases, but if you tell it whether it was by bike or car by tagging the route, it will look again for routes using only the assigned tags.

This works in reverse too, if you assign a route that always has a particular tag associated with it, then the tag will be automatically filled in too.

So, it'll vary depending on your setup, but you should be able to select the route in many cases and have the tags automatically assigned and select the tag in other cases to have the route automatically assigned.

Let me know if you come across any issues with this change, and hopefully it makes things a little easier.

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