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Updates for March 8th

  • Selection of whether speeds are displayed as speed (km/h or mph) or as pace (minutes per km or mile) is now done on the tag page:

    There was a good reason for it being on the Settings page previously, but I've forgotten what it was...

  • There's a list of some of the most common GPS logging devices to choose from when you add a new device. Many more that aren't on the list work with GPSLog Labs, so you can still enter your own device name if you need to.
  • The algorithm used to determine the amount of ascending and descending distance/duration for your activity has been fine tuned. It is more accurate now, using a line of best fit through 7 samples and considers anything greater than a 2.5% grade to be a hill. The grade histograms have also been extended to show up to a 40% grade, have fun climbing that!
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