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Updates for October 4th

Plenty of things on GPSLog Labs have been slowly improving and it's about time that I mentioned a few of them:

  • The device format detection process has been made much more robust and accurate and now has a new layout: Once the file(s) has been analysed, a summary of the results is displayed:

    Maps and graphs can be displayed if this isn't enough:

    Once a working format has been found, you can continue using the site:

  • Once a log is processed, there are now some illustrations on the forms to indicate the purpose of the actions:

    Merge two adjacent log segments by removing the "cut" between them


    Remove a stop at a place and merge the adjacent segments into a single segment

  • The /uploads/ pages have had their urls redesigned to make the "next log file", "previous log file" and "mark as done" links work much more reliably on the different tabs. This means you can stay on the "unedited uploads only" view as you edit and tag your uploads.
  • You can now see a list of your shared activity using the mobile version of the site, also, map thumbnails have been added to the mobile view pages and there is a more obvious "view activity on map" button.
  • Goals now support planning of your future activity. You can create tasks to plan out your training program and export these in iCalendar format so you can keep track of what your plans are from MS Exchange, Google Calendar, iCal or your phone.
  • In addition to tasks, I've also added in a couple of training program templates that you can use to get started training for a marathon, half-marathon or a long distance cycling event such as the Around the Bay in a Day.

As always, I'd love to know what you think and hope you enjoy the site.

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Upload form redesign and a bit about Devices

I've changed the GPSLog Labs upload form a little, partly to make it nicer looking and less cluttered, but mostly to make the purpose of Devices a little clearer.

Previously, the choice of device to upload to wasn't shown on the form if you had only one device, and now it will always be given.

To process the log files you upload, the system needs to know what the format of the file is. When you first upload a file, there is a page that automatically detects this format, but that isn't practical to do for every file that is uploaded, so the setting is stored in a "device". This means that each device can handle one format only, and therefore, if you want to upload files with a different format you'll need to create another device to do so.

The other purpose of devices is to track battery life. If you upload all logs you record, then GPSLog Labs knows how long your logger has been switched on so can predict how much time you have before you need to recharge/replace your batteries and therefore prevent you getting a flat battery in the middle of an activity, which can be rather frustrating!

When the logged usage goes over 75% you'll get a warning:

Marking the point where you recharged or replaced your batteries is easy too:

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