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Route wind effect prediction

There's a new Wind Effect graph on the GPSLog Labs route details Other Graphs tab.

This graph attempts to quantify the effects of wind from different directions on logs along a route. It is intended to assist you to choose a route when bike riding (either to minimise the effect of the wind or to maximise it if you're keen!)

There are 4 lines plotting the relative effect on the overall average speed for the route for different wind strengths. The units are relative and indicative only.

For example, for a log such as the following (predominantly traveling in an east-west and west-east direction):


The computed Wind Effect indicates that the greatest effect will be when the the wind is from the east or west, and the minimum when the wind is from the north or south:

For a route which has a less symmetrical profile, with long sections traveling east and south:


The computed wind effect is more even, but there is a definite advantage when the wind is coming from the west:

The wind model used is pretty primitive and assumes that a headwind has the same effect on your speed as a tailwind, but it's better than nothing. If anyone knows of any more sophisticated models that could be used, I'd be happy to look into it.

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Distance split comparison table for routes

I've added a new tab to the route detail page in GPSLog Labs that compares the distance splits for all logs in the route.

This allows you to see the speeds over each section of the route for each log. Each column is coloured to indicated min/avg/max in white/green/yellow respectively. This allows logs that are faster or slower than normal to be easily identified.

For routes that display pace instead of speed, the pace over 1km (or mile) is displayed, i.e. for longer splits, it is not the time to cover the whole split distance.

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