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Updates for March 11th

A few little changes to note while I'm busy working on something big and pretty cool:

  • The minimum split time between checkpoints on a route has been changed from 5 minutes to 1 minute, so you can now record splits as short as laps around an oval, assuming you're not too fast that is.
  • Distances and times are now displayed with full precision in the splits detail table.
  • The mobile page now has a "Recent Uploads" list, so you can check them quickly when uploading from a phone.
  • Route "average" distances are now only shown if the logs are similar in length, otherwise the range of distances is displayed.
  • I've added columns showing the last logged date and scheduled count for routes when selecting them for goal tasks.
  • The next scheduled task for a goal is displayed in the goals table and on the summary page for quick reference.
  • The goal tasks graph now has a link to zoom it in to a view of this week.
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