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Updates for September 2nd

Updates to GPSLog Labs have been trickling in slowly over the last few months, so it's about time I mentioned a few of them on the blog:

  • Maps now have a "View full-screen" link at the bottom left:
    This will expand the map so it fills the browser window:
  • Buddy icons (displayed on your shared log detail pages) will now use the Gravatar for the email address you've set in your Account Settings. You can still upload an icon if you'd prefer not to use Gravatars.
  • Fancy, searchable dropdown lists (courtesy of the Chosen library):
  • "Remove automatic edits" command: Auto-chopping logs is one of GPSLog Labs' most powerful features, but sometimes you just want the entire log file. This command lets you remove all the cuts & places quickly and easily, so now you can have the best of both worlds.
  • Deleting tasks from a goal can now be done in bulk. This makes it much easier to customise a training program or edit tasks you've cloned from another goal.
  • The Distance Finish Time Predictions graph now shows the values at the mouse position.
  • The Cumulative Stop Time vs Distance graph shows the total stopped time when zooming to a selection.
  • Added sorting to the Goal task possible route selection table and fixed a few bugs with highlighting routes with appropriate distances.
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