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New blog

Thanks to Posterous shutting down, I've had to spend a lot of my time recently coming up with a new blog. Thanks Roberto and collaborators for the nifty Nikola engine.

You may notice a few changes in the layout, but the main difference is there are no longer comments on each post. These never got a lot of use anyway, the best place to comment is and always was the feedback forum.

The second change is to the email newsletter. I've tried to keep everyone subscribed, but I apologize in advance if anyone has been dropped off or added back onto the list after they unsubscribed.

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New Feedback Forum

GPSLog Labs now has a new Feedback forum, hosted on

You'll see a new button on the right hand side of the page where you can quickly leave feedback.

On the forum, you can see feature requests and bug reports other people have made and vote for them or add your comments.

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