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Log thumbnails

GPSLog Labs uses thumbnail icons to help you identify your logged activity at a glance, without having to load the full map.

These thumbnails indicate scale by showing 1km grid lines. The start point of the log is marked as a small green square, the stop point as a small red square.

For example, the following thumbnail shows a log of approximately 65km:


And one of 2km:


In the inbox, "junk" logs will be indicated by half-size thumbnails:


Routes also show thumbnails of their altitude profiles. In these icons, the grid represents 10km along the horizontal axis, and 100m in the vertical axis.

For example, below is of a 70km log that climbs a 600m hill:


And a 14km log with less than 100m altitude variation:


There are also "clock" thumbnail icons that indicate the duration of activity and sessions. These show a shaded segment on a 12 hour "clock", with a green marker for the start time, and a red marker for the stop time.

The icon below indicates a session that starts at 6:30 PM and goes for 3 hours until 9:30 PM:


If a log or session is longer than 12 hours, a thinner band indicates that it has "wrapped" around the clock. A session that starts at 6:30 PM and goes for 15 hours until 9:30 AM would have the following icon:

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