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Updates for February 18th

There are lots of little changes going on to the layout of the GPSLog Labs site, some you might notice include:

  • The blog panel is now at the bottom of the home page, not on the side. This gives it some more space and hopefully it looks less like a panel of ads.
  • The Upload Log button is now present on every page.
  • I've added some "bread crumbs" to make it easier to get back to the Uploaded Log Files page and the Log File page from activity detail pages.
  • There are links from the Uploaded Log Files page directly through to the log activity, and the thumbnail maps now link to the activity page directly rather than popping up a preview map.
  • The Log File page has been rearranged with the maps and graphs on a separate tab if you really want to see them, but you're better off just going through to the activity detail page.

There'll be plenty more changes along these lines as I figure out ways to make the site easier to understand and use, if you've got any feedback or suggestions, please let me know.

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