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Updates for December 7th

  • There's another new button on the edit Log File tab exposing a feature that was previously a little too well hidden, this time to select which segments should be marked as "junk":

    That brings up a popup where you can quickly choose which segments are junk (and therefore shouldn't be displayed in the rest of the site) and which have the activity you're interested in:

  • The colour of the junk segments on that page has been changed subtly from red/orange to a more neutral gray too.
  • The GPS Data Filters page has been completely overhauled too so it should hopefully be a bit easier to use and faster to add certain type of filters too.

    Click on the Filters side panel of an activity you want to filter:

    The GPS Data Filters page now has clearer menu options and a bigger preview maps and graphs to show the results of the filters you have applied:
    And the individual filter pages now have more space to show their options and view the maps and graphs:
  • The Time filter now has a preview map to show you the segment that is being discarded.
  • Most filters now have a "Copy to tag" menu option that will let you copy the filter and it's parameters to a tag. This means that once you find a good combination of filters to clean up your activity, you can have them automatically applied to all data you upload from now on tagged with that tag.
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