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Entering activity details manually

GPSLog Labs now has support for manually entering data that has not been recorded via a GPS data logger. Some instances where this is appropriate are:

  • Your logger failed to record the data properly (flat battery, corrupted file, operator error...)
  • You were indoors on a treadmill or wind trainer or doing an activity such as swimming which can't be logged.
  • You have training data that pre-dates your GPS logger.

In these, and other circumstances, GPSLog Labs will now let you enter in the basic stats about your activity (date, time, duration, distance, ...) and will then display the activity throughout the rest of the site together with other activity recorded using your GPS logger. This activity will be counted towards your Goals and Reports too, but obviously it won't be shown on maps or as Speed vs Distance graphs and the like, but where it's possible it will be included. The idea is to let you enter the kind of stats you get from a bicycle computer, stop watch or exercise equipment, but not to synthesize a GPS log.

You'll find a new Manual entries section under the Uploads tab:

The Add manual entry form allows you to enter in all the basic stats for your activity:

Once you select the start and stop places, you can choose a Route between those places or add a new one if you want:

Click on the time of the manual entry if you need to make changes after you've added it (or to delete it):

The detail page is simpler than for activity recorded with a GPS logger as there is no map or graphs to display:

The manually entered activity will show up in the rest of the site where it makes sense:

To avoid stats that you don't know from ruining your totals and averages, leave them blank, don't enter 0 (zero).

Please let me know of any suggestions for improvement at the Feedback page.

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