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Updates for March 29th

GPSLog Labs is now running on a new server - hopefully you'll notice it's faster!

In the process, the code has been significantly updated to take advantage of improved capabilities available in the new versions of the libraries it uses. (I made approximately 240 commits over the last 5 months!)

That took way longer than I'd hoped, but now that is done I'll have some time to add some new features so there should be more frequent updates again.

OpenID Changes

The most significant change was to support a new OpenID version as Google is switching off the basic OpenID support that GPSLog Labs had used until now.

Unfortunately, because of this change it's possible your account may not be associated correctly when you first log in and you may see a new empty account.

You will not have lost any data permanently but will need to contact to have the issue corrected.

If you notice any other issues after the update, please let me know.

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