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Updates for July 27th

Some recent updates to GPSLog Labs:

  • The full-screen mode for maps is now controlled by a button in the top right corner of the map, rather than a link below the map. There's a smaller version for small maps, and the same button will close the full-screen view.

  • The "Activity feed" now has some "action" buttons on your recent and upcoming significant achievements.

    Completed goals have a "Rollover" button to copy the goal and adjust the dates to the next time period.

    Fastest times have a "Share" button to allow you to quickly post them to Facebook or another social network.

    The feed now also includes predictions of when you'll reach certain activity counts (e.g. your 100th run).

  • The tag and goal distance vs time graphs now have cross-hairs to let you easily read off the distance/time of the point under the mouse.

  • The new layout style is continuing to spread through the site, now it includes the Uploaded Log Files and Your Shared Content pages.

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