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Updates for February 25th

This series of GPSLog Labs updates focused on reducing the amount of clutter on the pages and providing a single place for each function.

Home page

  • The "This Week's Activity" totals have been moved to the Reports | Trends page.
  • Goal progress for the week has been moved to the Goals page.

Uploaded Log Files page

  • The list of uploaded log files has been pared down to two columns and now indicates whether places have been matched successfully with an icon next to the file-name.

    The icon will go green to indicate that the log has been chopped cleanly:


    The old "quick edit" functionality will reappear in another incarnation sometime in the future.

Editing Processed Activity for a Log File

  • The Activity column now incorporates a summary of the activity and the Route, Tag and Notes editing have been moved out of main interface. You can still add Routes and Tags, but editing is now done on the Activity detail page.

Activity Detail page

  • The drop-down menu has been removed and the page heading and "bread crumbs" simplified:
  • To replace the menu, a new information display and editing panel has been added to right hand side of the page:
  • On this new panel, you can see all the details of the log and also directly edit notes about the activity, add the activity to Tags and Selections.
  • There is a summary of the Route, Filters and Sharing status and you can click the links to go to a page to edit them. These pages now also have a more consistent layout including "bread crumbs".

As always, I welcome feedback on these changes and would love to hear any suggestions you may have to make the site better.

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