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Updates for August 17th

There have been a few changes to GPSLog Labs since the last update, but it's been a little quiet as I was traveling and moving house.

  • The activity detail page now has a Comparisons tab that includes various stats and computations such as providing the information in different units and comparing the distance and speed to other activity tagged with the same tags and on the same route.

    There is also a Distance Finish Time Predictions graph, which will be covered in the next post.

  • The Goal Detail page now has a few new tabs to analyse the activity towards the goal.

    The Log Breakdown tab contains a summary of activity broken down by distance (into 10km "buckets") similar to that on the Tag Detail page.

    The breakdown by tags will only be shown if the activity towards the goal has more than one tag associated with it.

    The Trend Graphs tab shows the average speed or pace of the activity towards the goal.


    The Distance vs Time Graph is similar to that on the Tag Detail page, but the distances and times are shown on a linear, not logarithmic, scale. This assumes that activity towards a single goal is likely to be within a fairly consistent distance/time range. This graph will be discussed in a little more detail in the next post as it contains a distance finish time prediction component.

  • There's a new option on the Distance vs Time Graph tab on the Tag detail page to "Show active time only (ignore stops)"
  • It's now possible to manually edit a log file's timezone by clicking the timezone on the Log File Summary tab. Normally timezones are detected automatically for a log file based on the timezone of the places in the activity, but this may not always work so you can set it to what is appropriate.
  • The server that hosts GPSLog Labs has also had an upgrade and has more memory now, meaning larger log files should be handled more reliably than before.
  • I've also added a donation button to the About page, and if you're a frequent user and enjoy the site, a small donation to help cover bandwidth and storage costs would be greatly appreciated.
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