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Add additional OpenIDs to your account

With the news that myOpenID is closing down early next year, I've updated GPSLog Labs so you can associate additional OpenIDs with your account. Previously this required contacting me, but since many users will have to replace their myOpenID with an alternative OpenID I've made it possible to do it yourself.

Simply go to your account Settings and click the Add another OpenID button (while logged in with your current OpenID).

Then, sign in with your new OpenID and when you return to GPSLog Labs your account will be updated.

You can continue to sign in with the old OpenID (as long as it is still active) and add as many OpenIDs to your account as you'd like.

There is no need to remove OpenIDs from your account that you no longer use, but if you want to (e.g. to use it on a second GPSLog Labs account for some reason, then please contact me at

I've also updated the login buttons and added a Yandex login for Russian users.

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